About us

Denti.AI is a software company that leverages AI analysis of dental x-rays to detect key conditions, past dental treatments, and other relevant features to find diseases earlier and improve dentists' productivity. Our cloud-based service is integrated with a range of practice management software and imaging equipment, automating the clinical workflow of dental support organizations across North America.

With Denti.AI's radiograph analysis, providers catch more pathologies and patients better understand the need for treatment, increasing both quality of care and case acceptance. Denti.AI then centralises clinical data into its analytics platform, surfacing variability across the network and highlighting areas for clinical improvement. Finally, integrating Denti.AI's patented auto-charting technology into the clinical workflow directly improves both operational efficiency and bottom line.

  • Deep integrations into leading PMS fit Denti.AI products seamlessly into the clinical & management workflows of the customers.
  • Academically validated algorithms ensure predictions are accurate and truly valuable. Denti.AI is the only North American product with peer-reviewed publications on caries, apical lesions, and charting.
  • Auto-Charting technology (patent-pending) takes confirmed findings directly from patient imaging and transfers them to the patient chart in your PMS. Automatically ensures a complete patient record and helps with compliance.
  • The Denti.AI Dashboard allows reviewing 100% of charts and treatment plans for quality assurance and business analytics purposes, with a birds-eye comparison of dentist diagnostics to AI predictions.


A researcher at Denti.AI is responsible for analyzing, planning, and conducting research works to apply deep learning technology in the field of dentistry. This job position requires advanced analytical skills. It also requires strong organizational and management skills to communicate effectively with the internal team, external collaborators, and institutions.