Thanks to the new medical imaging technologies, your dental practice will gain in profitability, speed, and quality

Why more profits?

Denti.AI around 30% more potential pathologies than most dentists (in a much shorter time). This allows the specialists to provide their clients with the timely treatment to the fullest extent possible
Thanks to rich graphic visualisations and professional comprehensive reports, it becomes easier to convince patients of the need for early treatment or additional examinations. And patients happy with their well-being will recommend you to their friends

Why greater speed?

On average, a dentist
spends a few minutes
analysing and describing
a single radiograph
It may not seem like much,
but over time this adds
up to 25-30 business days
a year
With Denti.AI, interpretation
of one dental image
will only take
4 seconds
This includes visualisation of information about earlier treatments and new pathologies and generation of comprehensive tentative reports

Why higher quality?

Denti.AI will point out any deviations from the norm. Its operations and the likelihood of finding pathologies are not affected by how tired the dentist is, or how well he or she feels.

You have access to second opinion, based on the experience of professional radiologists who participated in the training of our algorithms. The more users the system has, the better it will "learn" about all sorts of subtleties that no single human professional can master in full.
AI for automated diagnostics of dental images
We trained machine learning algorithms on thousands of dental radiographs, and training continues with more data
The service draws from the expertise of leading specialists in oral and maxillofacial pathology and radiology
We are happy to welcome new professionals and researchers who want to join our beta-testing programme

How it works

Denti.AI diagnostic service is based on artificial intelligence technologies using deep neural networks
The dentist uploads a dental image, such as a panoramic radiograph, to the system

Computer-assisted diagnostics

Upload file for automated dental image diagnostics
Denti.AI prepares the assessment report on the clinic letterhead, which can then be printed out or downloaded and included in the medical records
Assessment report for dental image interpretation with machine learning
In a matter of 4 seconds Denti.AI detects probable pathologies of the patient's dental apparatus and marks the findings on the image
Automated dental image interpretation with deep learning
Verification by experts of machine learning diagnosis
The dentist audits and ascertains diagnosis based on the clinical picture and own experience
Deep learning interface for dental image diagnostics
Detection of teeth and results of earlier treatments, such as crowns, dental bridges, and implants
Automatic detection of zones of interest for such pathologies as periodontitis and caries
Review and correction of results, presentation of detailed assessments in a PDF document
Dental image annotation
Tentative diagnosis of pathology
Results processing
Automated assessment report for dental image diagnostics with deep learning

Product features


I think that Denti.AI improves the quality of my diagnostics. I have access to a second opinion, the program doesn't get tired, there's no chance of missing an obvious pathology. This is especially helpful in detecting zones with suspected periodontitis and caries. Detailed assessments are much easier to compile, less time is spent on paperwork and routine tasks
Alexey Krasnov
Dental radiologist
Research fellow for the National Research Centre