About us

Denti.AI is a machine learning startup specialising in dental image diagnostics. Our mission is to revolutionise radiological diagnostics in dentistry, providing a fast and reliable cloud service that allows to find more pathologies, earlier.

The service automatically compiles professional assessment reports, ready for the dentist's review and correction in a rich graphical interface, handing to the patients, and importing into electronic medical records.

We have developed proprietary technology consisting of a pipeline of specialised deep neural networks that perform detection and classification of teeth and several types of pathological and non-pathological findings. We invested a lot in the data and the size of our private dataset is orders of magnitude higher than what is available to most researchers.

This allows us to deliver high recognition and prediction accuracy and bring practical value to our users, both professionals and researchers, now. And the more users we have, the better the quality gets.


We are interested in partnerships with research institutions, clinic management, insurers, and government agencies and are willing to show how our technology could help perform studies of rare diseases, provide automatic quality control of treatments on a massive scale, and lower costs of dental services.

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Core team

Dmitry Tuzoff
  • PhD researcher in Deep Learning
  • successful entrepreneur in software and e-commerce, B2B experience in over 20 countries with revenue in tens of MUSD
Alexey Krasnov
  • MD, dentistry radiologist and researcher with 8 years of experience
  • head of research group at the Federal Clinical Research Centre
Max Kharchenko
  • MS in Computer Science
  • expert software developer and data scientist with 6 year of experience in video streaming, web development, and e-commerce
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